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Museum of Italian Judaism and the Shoah: new exhibit to be inaugurated on April 2

The exhibition Dentro e Fuori (Inside and Outside) which will cover Jewish life in Italy at the time of the ghettos and to emancipation will be inaugurated on April 2.

Announcing it was the president of the National Museum of Italian Judaism and the Shoah in Ferrara (MEIS) Dario Disegni, welcoming the new members of the board Gloria Arbib and Giovanni Franco Pernisa.

“These first four years at Meis have been an extraordinary adventure. The museum has become a relevant cultural center on the map of the country, and beyond,” Disegni said, thanking former board members Renzo Gattegna and Massimo Maisto.

Arbib and Pernisa will sit in the board together with Daniele Ravenna and Massimo Mezzetti, who were reconfirmed after the first four years.

Among the next goals of the museum, the inauguration of the first new building, scheduled for spring 2021.

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