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The exhibit Jews, An Italian Story. The First Thousand Years communicates the uniqueness of Italian Jewish history, describing how the Jewish presence in Italy was formed and developed throughout the Peninsula from the Roman Age (second century BCE) to the Middle Ages (tenth century CE) and how the Jews of Italy built their own unique identity, even when compared to other places in the diaspora. 

Through the video contributions of different experts, precious and rare objects, immersive pauses, multimedia inserts, reconstructions (the Temple of Jerusalem, the Arch of Titus, the Jewish catacombs of Ostia and Bova Marina), sounds and music, the path identifies places of origin and areas of dispersion of the Jewish people, tracing the routes of their exile to the western Mediterranean. It documents their time in Rome and southern Italy, speaking of migration, slavery, integration and religious intolerance – both in relation to the pagan and Christian worlds. It follows the blossoming of Judaism in southern Italy in the Middle Ages, before its expulsion, and then the establishment of an Italian Jewish culture throughout the country.

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April 12 - September 22, 2019
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